We buy your house

Buying a home is probably the largest acquisition in the life of a family and although many believe that to find the home of our dreams it is enough to search on digital platforms and filter by the characteristics that interest us, we are sorry to inform you that this is not the case


Make your to talk to transparent people

Real estate market moves a lot of money and this characteristic unfortunately leads to the appearance of real estate pirates willing to sell real estate at all costs and regardless of the situation of the property.

We have come across clients who confess to us having dealt with sellers who expressly concealed information on the real situation of the property, as well as dishonest intermediaries who boasted of having charged the highest commissions in lower-value transactions, that is, in a home for a humble family.


We are people with ethical values

Our motivation is to help families find their home or investors to find profitable opportunities in the real estate market, we live in Lanzarote and we love to meet grateful clients who recommend us to their friends and family and we want it to continue being that way.

In the situation we currently live in, we have seen owners launched to sell their properties below the market price to be able to face their bills, along with the appearance of buyers willing to take advantage of this moment of uncertainty, however what may seem a bargain perhaps, if you look closely, it is not.

Buying clients can find us in two possible ways: either by being interested in a property that we have published on a platform or because they know us and entrust us with the search for their next home.

If you have found us through a property that we have for sale, first of all you should know that when we agree to sell a home we make sure we know all the issues and procedures that have to do with the property, to explain them to potential buyers, we take care of all the details and do not “forget” to explain all the information.


Exclusive buyer customer

If you have hired us to find the perfect house for you and your family or if what interests you is a profitable real estate investment; believe us, we will move heaven and earth to find it.

Type of dwelling

You simply have to tell us what type of home you are looking for, what is your budget, what location you prefer and any information that you consider important, from that moment on, we will put our trackers to work to find your next home.

To invest?

Do not forget to tell us if you are looking for a home toinvest in vacation rental, since it is very important that we verify that the circumstances of that property allow private exploitation to avoid unpleasant surprises

Virtual visit

We offer aremote visit service for clients who are outside of Lanzarote, through detailed video calls so that you feel that you are actually visiting the house.

The environment is important

Once we have the house that might interest you, we make a first visit where we visually check the general condition of the houseand the street, checking if there are squats in the area, then we check the type of soil, we investigate the building projects that are approved around the property.

A thorough examination

As our investigations are fruitful, we organize a visit to the property with Víctor, our echnical expert in construction and renovationto check the status of taps, partitions, drains, thermos, general painting, exterior and interior carpentry, that is, we submit the property to a as thorough examination as if we were buying for ourselves.

Experience is an asset

We have more than 15 years of experience in the construction sector and we use all this experience to advise our clients in a transparent and professional way.
It would not be the first time that we have discouraged the purchase of a property from clients, we are proud of our company policy and we put the needs of our clients before our own without any doubt.

we will be happy to introduce ourselves and for you to know first-hand how we can help you, if you don’t speak Spanish we will get you a legal interpreter that could translate to your language all contracts.

In our exclusive buyer contract we establish a maximum fee of 3% of the final price, although the buyer should not worry about this amount since we are normally able to negotiate a very favorable sale price, many times even higher than that percentage.

We take care of the negotiation with the seller or real estate selling agency, so that you acquire the property at a more than reasonable price. If necessary we put our real estate lawyersat your service, if you do not speak Spanish we will get you legal interpreterswho will translate all the contracts into your language.
We make sure that our client buys a property free of charges, bills and up to date with the corresponding taxes.


Once the purchase price is agreed, we proceed to reserve the property with a purchase commitment(contrato de arras penitenciales) for which, by delivering 10% of the amount, the seller agrees to remove it from the market and sell us the home for the agreed price and the buyer agrees to buy it in the established time.

Depending on whether you need financing or if you are a cash buyer, the date that we put at the notary for the signing of the sale can vary from 30 to 60 days.

If you have problems obtaining financing, or you do not like the mortgage conditions of your bank, then we can put you in contact with our financial broker so that they can find you the mortgage with the best conditions for you.

We organize all the paperwork for the notarial signature, gathering and sending all the necessary documentation and maintaining the relevant communications with the selling party.

The day of the signing we are there to support you and resolve any questions that may arise at the time, do not worry, you are not alone, we are real estate professionals and we have numerous purchase and sale firms to our credit.

Unlike other real estate agencies in Lanzarote, at Divina Properties we include, at no extra cost, for our buyer clients the following post-purchase procedures
Changing supplies accounts
Communication to the community of neighbors of the new owners
Processing of the Patrimonial Transfer Tax
Processing of the Patrimonial Transfer Tax
Collection of the deed to take it to the Property Registry office
Collection and delivery of the registered deed

As we mentioned at the beginning, buying a property without the correct advice can be a nightmare from which you will not be able to wake up and save yourself the services of some professionals when buying a home can be more expensive than you imagine.

Our advice is that you do not gamble with the purchase of your home and that you leave the important things in thehands of professionals in the sector.

To receive more information about our commitment to buyer clients, you just have to write to us to organize a meeting and we will be happy to introduce ourselves and for you to know first-hand how we can help you, if you don’t speak Spanish we will get you a legal interpreter that could translate to your language all contracts.

We make sure that our client buys a property free of charges, bills and up to date with the corresponding taxes.

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