When we consider facing the reform of a house we are going to face endless possibilities in the market and with the most disparate prices that we can imagine.Not only for the professionals that we are going to find, but also for the materials, constructive solutions and variety of qualities.


We manage the entire project

Technical inspection
Preparations of plans
Execution project
Decoration project
Virtual and 3D Dossier
Construction management

Many times choosing our partners in this job is the difference between a home to our liking or a big headache.

And it is that finding that perfect home that we want is only the beginning of our odyssey and it is usually like that because it is most likely that it is not so perfect yet.

The possibilities of finding a property that fully suits our tastes and needs are quite remote, but that should not discourage us.

Our Trojan horses

Today it is relatively easy to be able to visualize the final result of a project before carrying it out.

At Divina Properties we havetechnological tools that make it easier for us to know how your house will be after applying the changes that we consider so necessary to adapt it to your liking, but before that it is very important to make sure of the real state and the construction options that it offers us.

Therefore, we will start at the beginning and before even acquiring it, we offer you the possibility of knowing it very thoroughly through a complete and exhaustive technical inspection, which will give us the guidelines to program its evolution.

Discovering the possible hidden defects, the state of the facilities, the possible variations that allow us a new distribution, the current and future maintenance costs, as well as the possible improvements in the efficiency of our new home, should be the first option to know. when considering such an important acquisition.

An image is worth more

With all the information obtained, we will find it more reliable and above all realistic, to go to the next level, where we can begin to translate the changes and improvements that adapt to your parameters of taste, budget and quality.

For this we have the professional services of renowned architects, engineers, decorators and designers who will do their best to offer you the best option and always fully respecting your ideas, with the peace of mind of having a well-defined project in advance, clearly planned and with the most advanced technical solutions possible.


Once our project has been prepared, with all the measurements, plans and items to undertake, we offer you to visualize it, from all possible angles and with all the possibilities that we can propose, to then obtain the budget that best suits your wishes.

Whether we are talking about acomprehensive reforma necessary maintenance, a new kitchen, an accessibility adaptation, a simple change of decorative look, or if we just want to improve energy efficiency and adapt to the new possibilities offered by today’s technology , We want to be the partner that accompanies you and helps you in a task as complicated as it is exciting and that ends up being the achievement of the space you want and that together, we can translate.

We have enough experience on the island to offer you the best professionals in each sector, covering all areas and aspects necessary so that renovating your home is the positive experience you want.

Among our services is to become the link between your decisions and their execution, so that you have the necessary technical knowledge from the beginning and endorsed by professionals with extensive experience in their field.

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