We sell your home

Selling a property may seem like a very easy operation: we decide to sell and at what price, we organize a couple of visits and we meet the buyer very soon, who pays us without question the price we have asked.


A long and complex adventure

If you have tried putting your home up for sale and it has worked well for you then, we can only applaud you and wish you never to lose the luck that obviously accompanies you.

However, if you are like almost all people who are not professionals in the real estate sector, you are thinking of selling your house, you do not know what you can find and you prefer to leave this operation to someone professional, then keep reading, we are going to tell you everything what you need to know, through some questions that we would like you to ask yourself:

Why do I want to sell?

Each owner has their own reason and all of them are as valid as any other, either because they want to buy a larger home, a smaller one, in another city, with other characteristics, etc. We recommend that all owners ask themselves this question.

When do I want to sell?

It is important to know that if the owner is in trouble and needs to sell urgently, the best way is to put a starting price below the market price, however, if there is no rush then we can rest easy and advertise the property at a reasonable price in which we feel comfortable.


How much do I think my house is worth?

When putting a price on a house we must try not to fall into the trap of valuing personal belongings, memories and the affection that we have for our house, since obviously, the new owner does not suppose any benefit.

How much are they willing to pay for my house?

If we find some interested in buying our house at a price at which we are comfortable selling it, then the action begins here! For this, we should be able to prepare the house properly to receive visitors. For this, we should be able to prepare the house properly to receive visitors.

How much is my house worth?

The value of a house depends on the meters, location, average price of the area, general state of conservation, current situation of the real estate market, possibilities that the property may rise in price in the future, for example, if the The City Council has a planned urban improvement in the area, but there are also possibilities that the property could lose value, for example, if they are going to build us a building that blocks our views of the sea.

At Divina Properties we do a complete advisory study so that you can put the best price on your house taking into account all the conditions of both the property, the area, the owner and the moment we are. Although without forgetting, of course:

The price of your house, you put it!


Ready to sell?

Apart from making sure to present a clean and tidy house, we must not neglect the small details to give a better image

First of all, we must always organize the hours to show the property at its best, that is, when there is better light, less noise from cars, easier parking in the area, etc.

If possible, we should depersonalize the house as much as possible, that is, remove photos and personal belongings and try to make it possible for those interested to imagine living there.

Do I give my house exclusively or do I prefer it to be published by several agencies?

There are many people who do not agree to entrust the sale of their property to a single agency and who prefer that several professionals work it.

First of all, we are going to explain how the exclusive contract works and what both the owner and the real estate agency commit to.

At Divina Properties we take the sale of your property very seriously, establishing personalized marketing strategies according to each property and the needs of each client, creating the photographic and video material that works best, adding both plans and home staging and publishing on both national and international portals.

We do market research to establish an appropriate buyer profile, we take care of even the smallest detail in the visits, once the buyer is found we take care of the entire legal and fiscal process that the sale entails.

If the operation requires it, we provide at no extra cost aservice of lawyersdedicated to making the operation flow smoothly.

We keep you informed and send visibility and response reports in marketing campaigns so that you know at all times how the sale is going and how well your home is receiving in the market.

In summary, when you entrust us with the exclusive sale of your property, what you are doing is hiring us to do our job, at this moment, as we know that we are going to charge our fees; We do not have any consideration when it comes to investing all the necessary resources to make the sale of your property a success.

However, when there are several agencies in charge of the sale of the property, obviously, we cannot dedicate all our resources to this sale, since we do not have a guaranteed sale, we will try to sell your property and if we succeed we will also accompany you in the process of sale in notary and you can count on us if you have any questions.

When you meet us, we will give you the choice of two types of contract to sign: Basic sales order and Exclusive sales order. The decision of how you want us to work on your property is yours alone.


What are the fees charged by a real estate agency?

At Divina Properties we are the last to charge and we do not charge until the sale is made and the owner has collected his money. This means that we are not going to ask you for a single euro and that all the advertising, photographic, legal , plans, etc. will be on our part, so that you as the owner do not have to pay anything.

Once we have sold your house, we will send you an invoice that you can deduct from your income, so you will pay less taxes.

Our fees are a maximum of 5% of the sale price for the brokerage services and the sale of the property, however, depending on various factors and the type of client, this percentage may vary in favor of the owner.

What expenses do I have to pay if I sell my property?

All the expenses of the sale are paid by the buyer, except the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land, a former capital gain, which is borne by the seller.

In this concept, the City Council charges you a coefficient for the difference in the value of the land in your house when you bought and when you sell. But don’t worry, we’ll calculate exactly what your capital gain expense will be so you don’t have any surprises.

We are at your disposal, we want to work for you.

Entrust us with the sale of your property and forget about problems, ask us for a visit in the following contact form and we will be more than happy to visit your property and explain face to face how we can help you so that the sale of your property is a smooth operation, without headaches and for which you receive the money you deserve.

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