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Benefits of having a vacation rental home

The investment of properties to be used for vacation rentals is a booming business, not only in Lanzarote, but in the rest of Spain.

Depending on the type of property, the area and, obviously also the time; we can easily expect a return on investment (ROI) of around 9 or 12% per year.

Apart from the economic benefit that we mentioned before, one of the advantages of vacation rental is the possibility of having the home for own use as many times as the owner wishes.

Check in, check out and cleaning service

When tourists arrive, the house has to be perfectly clean and prepared to welcome in the best possible way.

More and more owners use security boxes, where the keys to the house are stored and accessed with a code provided to the client, in this way the owner can avoid having to get around, however, depending on the property and the price that the visitor is paying, we always recommend personal welcoming.

Regardless of whether you have checked in in person or using the box, it is always advisable to leave an informative brochure or catalog, in several languages, with important information such as: the Wi-Fi password, use of electrical appliances, access code to the pool and the gym (if there is one), where are the rubbish bins located, telephones in case of emergency, even any type of tourist recommendation such as maps, tourist routes in Lanzarote, adventure sports, shops, restaurants in the area …

In addition to the necessary information, we recommend to leave to our guests a welcome-pack that usually consists of fruit, coffee, toast, butter, jam, a bottle of wine and a snack. This is to ensure that tourists do not have to bother with shopping at the supermarket after a day of travel.

Depending on the duration of the reservation, the additional service of cleaning and change of sheets and towels can be agreed with the tenant.

Once the time of your vacation has elapsed, we can choose to collect the property key personally or using the box, once again, we recommend personalised service, this way you can know first-hand what your guests have liked about the stay and if they have any recommendations.

Registration in the holiday portals

Before registering the property in vacation portals, we recommend doing a good photographic report and home staging, so the home must be decorated so that it looks perfect.

We must not forget that we are selling a product from a distance, that is, that clients will not book the holidays in the best property, but in the one with the best photos.

Once we have the permits and the photographic report of the property, we can only register it in the vacation portals that we want, the ones that work best in Lanzarote are: AirBnB, Booking and Vrbo.

Booking calendar management

When the property is published on several portals and each portal has a reservation calendar, it can be a bit stressful to control that the reservations do not overlap with each other, we have to be sure that a platform gives the green light to rent only when this property is free for the chosen period.

However, the vacation rental platforms have the option of confirming the available days directly with the client or personally managing the reservations, this last option is the most appropriate when the home is published in various properties.

Managing the vacation rental requires time and dedication

The management of the home as a vacation rental, we have already said that it can produce great economic benefits for the owner, however, it also requires a lot of work and dedication.

Apart from the aforementioned, we must not forget the control of prices in the area, answer the reviews made by clients on the platforms, maintenance that the home needs, urgent services that may arise and endless possibilities that the owners they know too well.

If the owner does not have all the necessary time and knowledge and experience to function in the field of vacation rentals, we recommend that they delegate these functions to professionals, at least for the first year.

After the first year, if the management has been done as it should, surely the house is already working perfectly and has many clients eager to return to repeat holidays in the house.


These are some of the portals we work with


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If none of these packs adhere to what the owner is looking for, we can offer a personalised monthly, semi-annual or annual contract for the services that the owner deems appropriate, with the freedom to change, eliminate or add any benefit.

If you are thinking of investing in vacation rental homes, we would need to know what budget you have and what type of home and ROI would interest you, we have homes throughout Lanzarote waiting to work for you.

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